Riggs Bank & Pinochet's assets concealment
Madrid, November 18th, 2004
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by The legal team responsible for the private and popular accusation against Pinochet and others before the National Court of Spain for genocide, terrorism and torture (Spain).

CLARÍN has published today the text of the Letters Rogatory in which the Spanish judicial authorities request that legal proceedings be initiated in the Chilean courts for concealment of assets and laundering of money belonging to Pinochet.

CLARÍN (www.elclarin.cl) has published the full text of the Letter Rogatory of 21st September in which the Spanish legal authorities communicate to their Chilean counterparts facts which constitute an alleged crime of concealment of assets and laundering of money belonging to Augusto Pinochet.

In response to the request of the prosecution lawyers, the Spanish judicial authorities in accordance with Article 42 of the bilateral Convention of mutual assistance in penal matters have ruled that those facts should be denounced to the Chilean Courts in order that Judge Sergio Muñoz could initiate proceedings in the Chilean courts for the crimes of concealment of assets and money laundering against Augusto Pinochet and those persons who are alleged to have collaborated in these crimes.

The lawyers that have conducted the private and popular accusation against Pinochet since July 1996 since July 1996 are already exercising in Spain a civil action for the reparation of damages and losses, and are also doing so, as from now, in the Chilean Tribunals The identity of the persons whose interests have been damaged by the concealment of assets referred to can be seen in CLARÍN. In order to safeguard their rights to receive indemnities the team of lawyers has requested that as part of the proceedings which should be initiated in Chile, the Courts place a precautionary embargo on all the assets of Augusto Pinochet in Chile. In 1998 the Riggs Bank estimated in 50-100 US$ millions Pinochet wealth.

More information is available on the CLARÍN web page.

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