Augusto Pinochet & Riggs Bank
Madrid, November 1st, 2004
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by The legal team responsible for the private and popular accusation against Pinochet and others before the National Court of Spain for genocide, terrorism and torture (Spain).

The list has been published, on the web page, of the victims/ parties to the legal proceedings being pursued in Spain. This list identifies those persons who, as parties in the law suit in Spain, have been harmed by the concealment of assets committed by Augusto Pinochet in order to evade the embargo order agreed to by the Central Investigative Court No. 5 of the National Court of Spain.

The victims identified in the list now published are exercising a civil and criminal action as private prosecutors, or through the actio popularis that has been exercised the Spanish Foundation Salvador Allende since the original complain of July 1976.

Pinochet´s assets in their totality, including those which are now in the names of his family members and third parties, have been embargoed as from 19th October 2004 by the Spanish judiciary as a guarantee of Pinochet´s civil responsibility for the crimes of genocide, terrorism and torture.

The victims counsels are asking the Spanish Court of Justice to condemn the indicted Augusto Pinochet and those that been cooperated to the concealment of assets to indemnify those persons identified in the published list in an amount equal to the value of the assets concealed, together with interests and costs.

Having accepted the criminal law suit for concealment of assets and money laundering presented on July 19th 2004 by the private and popular accusation, the Central Investigative Court No. 5 agreed on 16th September 2004 to implement the corresponding Treaties of mutual assistance in penal matters and: ordered, amongst other measures,

  1. to denounce before the judicial authorities of Chile and the United States, the concealment of assets to which reference has been made, in order that they may bring to trial in their respective Judicial Courts the persons involved in that part of the crime of concealment of assets and money laundering which was committed in Chile and the United States. Should they not do so, Spain has declared that it will bring the matter to trial in accordance with the principles of universal justice;
  2. to request of the Chilean authorities to freeze, as a precautionary measure, all the assets which have been identified as belonging to Pinochet in the proceedings which are being carried out by Judge Mr. Sergio Muñoz, in order to assure compliance by Augusto Pinochet with his civil responsibility for the crimes committed against those persons identified in the list which is now being published. This request was passed on to the Supreme Court by the Government of Chile on 25th October 2004;
  3. to send a Letter Rogatory to the United States authorities requesting the preventive embargo of Riggs Bank assets in an amount equal to the value of the assets belonging to Pinochet which were defrauded through that Bank, together with interests and costs, which the Writ of 16th October 2004 has provisionally estimated at 10.300.000 euros;
  4. to request judicial cooperation for the identification of the assets of Augusto Pinochet which are hidden, or have been hidden, in other countries. In 1998 the Riggs Bank estimated in 50-100 US$ millions Pinochet wealth.

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